10 questions to ask yourself as a woman in a relationship


Some women are blind when it comes to their relationship. Some women just came into a relationship just because their friends are there. Some women have longed been in a relationship and no changes in that relationship. The relationship is still as it was years back.
Most women fail to take note of their relationship whether it’s really going forward or it’s just stagnant.

It’s one thing to be in a relationship and another thing to be able to access it.
How do you know if your man is really serious about you or is he just going to have fun, dump you and get himself into the arms of another woman?

Men don’t move around with a sign on their fore-head that they are real. It would have been better that way if there was a sign but unfortunately there is no sign on their head.

The sign you can possibly get to know if your man is real is what I will show to you and if you have any question or contribution kindly use the comment box.

1.      Is he caring?
For few years you have been with him, have you noticed if he is the caring type that can make a good husband or not? In a real relationship, the man shares in the joy and sadness of the woman. So, you can now decide if your man is real is fake judging from his care-attitude.
2.      Is he lovely?
Lovely men are always romantic to their partner. They are lovely in their talk and lovely men gets romantic gifts like flowers for their partner. As a woman, know your man, understand him and if there seem not to be a sign of loveliness coming from him, then he is not real and cannot make a future husband.

3.      Is he inquisitive?
Has he for once asked after your family? Has he for once thought to have a meeting with them? A man who is really genuine is always inquisitive to know about the welfare of the woman’s family. And also, the real man would want a woman to meet up with his parents as well.
Doing so signifies that the relationship is open, truthful and in the right direction.
4.      Does he cuddle around me?
Is your man the type that just walks out of the bed after having sex with you? You can know if he is real when he lies close to you with his arms around you and whispers to your ears how romantic you are.

5.      Does he speak well of me?
Even when you are not there, does he speak well of you? If he is the type that tells badly of you outside, then be sure that he is probably not the real one for you.
6.      Does he regard my opinions?
In tense matters, real man should consider his partners opinions and suggestions. As a woman, if your thought on a matter is not regarded, then you should know that the relationship is not real.

7.      Does he emotionally care?
If your relationship is based on sex with no emotions attached to it, then it’s fake.

8.      Is he just having me for sex?
 This is one good question to ask as a woman. Love is not all about sex and if your relationship is moving in that direction, then it’s not real.

9.      Is he grateful?
if you are in a relationship that your man does not appreciate your efforts then you should think twice. Real men are always grateful and thankful to their partners.
10.   Is he still having his eye outside?
As a woman, you ought to be wise and vigilant. If your man is still running after other women, then he is not real and not ready for you.

Like I said, men don’t go with signs on their head, but you can possibly know the signs and decide on what to do.

let me know your thought on this through the comment box.

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