Why Husbands Cheat and Lie

Why husbands cheat and lie shouldn’t be a mystery to women. Men believe they are smart and clever so they cheat. To cover up their infidelity, they lie.

If you ask cheating husbands why they cheat on their wives, they have many answers to give. You will hear one of the following answers.
·        My wife was no longer satisfying me sexually
·        My wife now looks old and no longer pretty
·        I was seduced
·        My wife no longer gives me attention
·        I fell in love outside
·        Something just happened
·        I had no control of myself
·        The nature of my job
·        My wife was away for a long time
The list of excuses keeps going on and on. And most husbands push the blame on their wives for their own infidelity. Believe it or not, women keep falling into that same trap which gives the husbands more chance to cheat on them.

Most times, husbands find someone they believe to understand them. They find someone who smiles at every words and laugh at every jokes or someone who can really tell them how nice and handsome they look, they find someone who can tell them how good they smell and how sexy they look.

To be frank with you, once they hear all these beautiful compliments coming from another woman, they become emotionally attached to it.
And if there had been any negative words from his wife, the husband pushes it aside and embraces the kind compliments coming from the sweet woman.

In no distant time, he starts dumping his thoughts about his wife in readiness for his new sweet woman. And what happens next? He becomes emotionally attached to the other woman.

When caught or suspected by the wife, the husband lies.
Cheating and lying goes hand in hand. If your husband cheats on the wife, he must also lie to her.

As a woman who is truly concerned about infidelity in your marriage, look out for possible easy to satisfy your husband physically, emotionally and sexually.

As a husband, if you truly care for your marriage and don’t want it to break, don’t look at other women whom you think might satisfy and compliment you- it’s just a mask in the face. Let your wife know her short-comings and the dangers attached to it.

The compliments and satisfaction other women has, your wife also have them all, it just need to be sorted out through communication and a little understanding.
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