How to Avoid Getting into Extra-Marital Affairs this coming Year

How to Avoid Getting into Extra-marital Affairs

Infidelity in our world today is no longer a new thing. It seems to us that most papers we read come with the headlines ‘infidelity’.

Infidelity occurs mostly among married couples. Extra-Marital Affair is getting into any form of emotional or sexual relationship with someone else outside your spouse. There could be many reasons as to why people get into extra-marital affairs. However, I will not be talking about that today.  However, no matter what the reasons are, it is still very wrong to get yourself into extra-marital affairs. I my next article, I will be showing to you some of the reasons why peopledelve into extra-marital affairs and the dangers associated to it.

People who get into an affair outside their relationship, do not from the start intend to break the heart of their spouse. Most persons would like to stay committed to their partner and those who cheat on their partner wish to stop cheating on them. Moreover, I will be helping you do so.

The truth is that you can forever stay with your partner without cheating on them.
Here is a guide for you to take to avoid getting into any form of Extra-Marital Affairs

Place God At The Center Point
Every relationship strives further with the assistance of God Almighty. You may not really acknowledge the presence of God in your marriage but believe me; He is present in it. To avoid finding yourself in any other relationship, you need to go to God in prayer and ask His Grace to help you. Commit your relationship into his hands, as you alone cannot do it all. You also need to constantly pray for your spouse so they will not fall into any temptation of such.

Be Appreciative
‘Till death do us part’ does not just end there in the church altar. It begins with an attitude of always been appreciative to your spouse. If you take your partner for granted, by not appreciating them, you leave them with no option than to seek it elsewhere.
To avoid extra-marital affairs, both partners must show that they really appreciate the love of their spouse in their life.
To help you out on this, cultivate the habit of asking yourself this question every morning you wake up from the bed. ‘Why do I value my partner?’ if this becomes a part of you and you are able to give concrete answers to it, you will never have the tendency to have any extra-marital affair.
When you have the answers why you cherish and value your partner, let them also know it that you indeed value them. Write a note and leave it in their pocket or purse or even buy complimentary card and give it to your partner.
If both couples are able to do this often, they will never cheat on themselves by having extra-marital affairs.

Let Intimacy Continue
Both men and women feel vulnerable sharing their emotions with people who care about it. If your relationship is void of cordial intimacy between you and your spouse, there is every tendency that either of you will cheat on them.
Most marriages fail because of one party not playing his or her part well. Look at it this way; if a man is always getting joy and satisfaction outside his marital home, he is most likely to cheat on the wife.  To avoid this, the wife need to be observant and know what is possibly wrong somewhere.
If intimacy abounds in a relationship, it would be easier for both parties to share their feelings to each other. Therefore, to avoid getting into any extra-marital affairs, let the intimacy continue.

Action Your Words
Yes, couples can talk about everything and how their relationship ought to go but if there is no action backing it up, then the talking becomes in vain. If you talk about how you both feel for each other, then make the connection real. If you talk about the kind of food, you would like to eat, then try getting it real. If partners have a way of bringing their talks to reality, the tendency of having extra-marital affairs won’t be there.

Discipline Yourself
Most importantly, put your body under subjection. Sometimes, friends would come with sexual advances, try then to be in control of your body. Remember that what you can get from them, you can likewise get it more from your partner.
If you friends are coming with sexual advances, the best thing to do is to shun them at that spot. Don’t let them have a chance into your life. Also, discuss it with your spouse and you will see how you have conquered that issue.

YES! Enjoy sex with your partner always. Your sex life with your partner should not be boring. You both are meant for each other and it is very important that you both have a full enjoyment of yourselves. The fear of one partner cheating on the other would be eliminated if sex is enjoyed in your relationship.

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