The vampire family ( Originals ) Epilogue

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The vampire family ( originals )

This story is about a family , actually vampires
and they were the first line of vampires ever .
Sam , Mark and Rebecca Mikaelson , the
strongest vampires siblings ever . They had a
code name , always and together .
Sam was an immortal hybrid ( half vampire half
wolf ) who was hated by his father when he
found out dat Sam was not his son , in the
course of events , Sam killed his mother , and
gave himself and his siblings eternal run from
their father who wanted Sam dead. This is a
story of love , power , blood etc , Sam goes back
to new Orleans to find only to discover dat d guy
he though dead , dat he sired and took as his
son , ruling his city . Now Sam is hell bent on
taking back his city no matter the cost .

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The vampire family ( Originals ) Epilogue The vampire family ( Originals ) Epilogue Reviewed by Harry on 22:42 Rating: 5

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