Why Do Partners Cheat

why partners cheat on each other
Why Partners cheat

It was the 26th day of Christmas 2017 and I went on a cool outing with my married sister to have a treat in an eatery. Satisfying my long craving to do unto her as she has done for me overtime. After about 10 minutes into our stay at the eatery, I saw a fine dressed in suit walk into the eatery and sat opposite our table.

His suit can best be described as being able to lay the foundation of a three storey building. Not too long after he settled down his phone rang during his conversation I sensed he was speaking to his wife and he lied to having an emergency meeting he is currently dealing with thus will return home a bit late that day.

On a closer look I saw his wedding ring on his finger. After that call he would not let his be as he continued to fiddle his phone at intervals and making calls like he was expecting someone. After a few minutes, this chocolate skinned lady in a hot bum short and denim shirt came in and located him. The scene became interesting to me and I felt I should observe more as I sip my cooled canned Amstel Malta I watched skillfully.

They began discussing passionately. Stealing funny looks at themselves. It was clearly not a platonic connection. After a while, they ordered what they'd be eating. In their plenty lovey-dovey play, they took turns at spoon feeding each other. I pretended to be busy with my phone and laughed at the gesture of my sister but was stealing looks and following each episode that they unravelled.

At some point, she had to go to the menu to get something. When she was about passing through the fancy barricade to the path that led to the menu, he touched her butt and they reeled in laughter, randy laughter. After like 15 minutes, the man left first while she sat back fiddling her android phone. Then, she left too after a little interval of him leaving.

Seems like a well planned plot right?

But before he left he instructed her to meet him at their usual meeting point later that evening.

This kept me wondering why do partners cheat?

More especially married partners?

How do young ladies really have so much confidence to date married partners?

A generation of bastardized value. 

Finally, commitment is not in marriage. Commitment is in people. Date the right person and they will be committed. Marry the wrong person and they will be uncommitted. Marriage changes nothing really. 

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