The Vampire Family ( originals ) Season 1 episode 2

The Vampire Family ( originals )Season 1 episode 2 

( night )
In Gerard's house which in fact looks like a
castle / palace was having a party with some
vampires having sex , suckling human blood and
dancing .
Sam arrives at the house doors and is stopped
by two bodyguards.
Guard 1 : Where is ur pass ?
Sam : oh no , i forgot it ( knowing he doesn't av )
Guard 2 : Are u joking with us ? , get lost now.
Sam : I think dat is not an option.
The two bodyguards attacks Sam at superspeed ,
Sam uses his speed also to stop one of the
guards punch , breaks his arm while the other
vampire attacks from Sam's back at superspeed ,
but Sam being more faster turns around guide a
the vampire's punches , dodges his kick and with
superspeed Sam put his hand in d vampires
chest and brings out his heart .
The second guard begins to plead .
Guard 2 : Please , dnt kill me .
Sam : Its too late for dat and besides i can't let
u ruin. my plans
Sam moves at superspeed and snaps his neck
and says ( actually u will b nided ) , carries him
and dash out at superspeed den returns and
( At the Mikaelson's residence )
Mark and Rebecca sits at a very large dinning
table drinking blood .
Rebecca : do u think Sam will start a fight ?
Mark : do i really nid to ans dat ?
Rebecca : Sam always has a plan but is so
Mark : Yes but he will always consider family
Sam enters and see everywhere hot with music ,
dances etc , he sights Gerard and walks up to
Gerard sees him and pretend not to be
Gerard : who do we av here , Sam , i thought u
were dead
Sam : wrong thinking Gerard , we also thought u
died in d fire
Gerard : good to see u man
They both huge eachother
Sam : yeah , i can see u av made progress in a
short tym
Gerard : dats if by short tym u mean 150 years ,
Standing beside Gerard is a vampire , Gerard
best friend Alex . Sam noticed him suspiciously
sharing at him . Sam knew he was another
obstacle to b eliminated

End of episode 2

watch out for episode 3

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