How to keep eyeliner from smudging under eyes

You want a perfect eye makeup. But you are very confused when the eyeliner begin to flow down your eyes, It is disaster. Nothing derails an eye makeup look quite like eyeliner from smudging under eyes But don't worry. Let’s try these makeup tricks and tips to keep eyeliner from smudging under eyes

Choose an eyeliner formula

A good eyeliner formula will be limited the eyeliner from smudging under eyes. You should invest in your eyeliner. It will become your good friend in makeup. Do not worry too much and buy an expensive eyeliner. You can choose Lakme Absolute Shine Eyeliner or Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner,…. They are cheap and effective in makeup.

You should not leave a space between eyelashes and eyelashes

This is a common mistake. Leaving the space between the eyelashes and eyelashes will make it look a bit odd and lacking in natural features. It poses a risk the eyeliner from smudging under eyes too. When you fill the space between your eyelashes and eyeliner, you will notice your eyelashes look longer. This is a way to help you keep eyeliner from smudging under eyes.

Use concealer In The Under Eye Area

Use your concealer to apply it on your under eye area. This activity will help you keep your eyeliner from running. It helps you prevent it from entering the lines of the area under the eyes. On the skin, cream formulation of concealer is full in all lines. It helps to overcome the oil spill in the under eye area. It acts as a barrier between the skin and your eyeliner, So it is a formula that helps prevent eyeliner from smudging under eyes.

Apply The Layering Technique



We still try to lay out our lipstick to make it last and beautiful. And we can also apply this technique to eyeliner. It will help you keep eyeliner from smudging under eyes. This tip is simple to apply. you just blot it and refill again with your lipstick. The same tip can apply to your eyeliner as well. You can start this technique by applying your eyeliner. Then, blur it gently with a cotton swab. Later, do it again. Your eyeliner will last a long time. This simple idea keeps your eyeliner sticking for long and do not flow down for the whole day.

Apply Face Powder

Maybe this is the first time you hear about this technique. But believe me, it's amazing! there are the same As set your foundation cream with powder prevents creasing, you can press your eyelid before you start applying eyeliner (Press the eyelid before you use eyeliner). Instead of applying the usual makeup sequence: apply mascara, press the eyelid. There are the last eye makeup steps. You can press the eyelid before you use eyeliner because when you press the eyelid, you can damage the mascara on the eyes. It will make your eyeliner flow down your eyes if you are not careful. This technique helps you avoid creasing, slipping off of the eyeliner. It also helps in making the eyeliner intact and in place.

Use Oil Absorbent Sheets

If you have oily skin, the eyeliner is susceptible to running down your eyes. This trick will be of great for you. You may find that: your eye and t-zone areas on your face  will have some shine and greasiness appear several times within an hour of makeup. Let's use oil-absorbent sheets and blot it on the area you want to remove oiliness. Which can lead to blurry faster and slip your eyeliner. It helps keep eyeliner from smudging under eyes.

Use Vaseline

Vaseline is a wonderful cosmetic. It can be used to keep eyeliner from smudging under eyes. This is a very simple tip but it is effective. Use a little vaseline cream and Apply along the eyelid line. You will see the effect of this tip soon after.

Apply Primer

Eye primer is a great option to help in setting and enhancing your eyeshadow. You can apply an eye primer. then, set it with compact powder. finally, apply your eyeliner to make it last long, for the long day. It will not let you down.

Eyeliner sealers

Waterproof eyeliner formulas can not help you satisfied? you can try eyeliner sealers. It's easy to find and available. It helps in setting the eyeliner in place for long times. Look for eyeliner sealer that suits you. You will feel its effect in keeping eyeliner from smudging under eyes.

Eyes will make you charming. Do not let any trouble affect your charm. The above are tricks and tips to keep eyeliner from smudging under eyes. We hope these sharing can help you have a wonderful eye makeup. We think there are other ways to prevent your eyeliner from smudging. So, If you have a better tip, Share your tips with us.

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