Sustainable Relationship: The Process To Product Approach

It's often said that there is no perfect relationship as every relationship must have it's high and low times. We all must have heard the saying that marriage is not a bed of roses. Every relationship comes with it's own trial and test before partners can attain sustainability. Every success in relationship is a result of a process to a product.

Before juice and wine is produced, it must be processed. Gold can never take it's shining form without going through refinement. If your relationship must glow like Gold after refinement, you will need quality experience.
Experience from past relationships, observing the relationship of others, from books, and most importantly from this blog post.
The level of challenges you can handle in your relationship to make it sustainable is directly proportional to your level of experience. I heard that experience is the best teacher, your relationship matters are not excluded.

Your willingness to surrender is another process that will birth you a sustainable relationship, unnecessary argument must be given up for your relationship. It was the inability of the Israelites to completely surrender to God that made them spend 40 year's instead of 40 day's in the wilderness. I bet you don't want to spend such time before finding your own sustainable relationship. Therefore surrender all but not in foolishness.

Every Complainant often end up a potential Convict. Complaining sap energy from your relationship and makes it less productive. Complain less and look for a way to fix the reason why you would complain in your relationship and your relationship will be better for it.

Communication is an end to end affair. The high point of communication is understanding. Do you often wonder why two persons angry at each other often shout or yell even they are just an arm apart, it's because there heart have drifted apart. Do you also wonder why partners that are in love lying down on a bed would just whisper there voice while talking, it's is because there heart is close. Communication in relationship is supposed to be a heart to heart affair. If you can develop the habit of quality heart to heart communication then you are on the process to a product approach to sustainable relationship.

Apply these tips and have a blissful relationship.

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