Key Guides to Dating Older Men

  1. Have you heard the saying that goes, ‘love has no age boundary’. Do you believe that? I believe in that personally. Age shouldn’t be an obstacle to finding the love of your life. Falling in love with anyone at any considerable age is normal but should be really done from the bottom of your heart.

    You will never know when you will fall in love and to the kind of person you will fall in love with. If by chance you fall in love with an older man, then I have tips for you to make the relationship work out well.

    1. Cultivate the ‘Patient’ AttributeThere is something you must know; older men are advanced and established. You will wonder about his nice home, the cars, the Business Empire and expensive furniture. Seeing all that, you should know that he works real hard everyday to get to that extent. He may not really give you the 100 percent attention and that is why you need to be patient with me. If you are not the patient type, dating an older guy would make you cultivate that habit of been patient.

  2. For your relationship to work with an older man, master his time schedules and key into that. Don’t be too demanding and don’t grow aggressive all the time. Work out a schedule that would be fitting for you both especially him.

    2. Forget about the Age DifferenceIf you have agreed to start dating this older guy, then you need to cut out every mentality of ‘age difference’ or ‘age gap’. Don’t make the mistake of constantly reminding him that he is far older than you. Or telling him you need a young blood to satisfy your wants. If you keep on reminding all that, he will feel ‘too old’ and he may feel insecure about the relationship. Even if there is a wide age difference, you need to play it smart. Let the ‘age difference’ joke be less and not too intense.

    3. Act like an adult

    When you are with your older man, there are discussions you need to maintain. For instance, girls in their twenties wouldn’t want to talk about building a big Business Empire or buying the most expensive house. They would prefer travelling around the world and having fun. Your older guy wouldn’t want you to be like that. He wants you to think and act in a more matured way.

  3. Let your inner adult-hood spring out while dating an older man.

    4. Show off your skills in the kitchenThe food aspect is what every man wants every woman to be good at. Remember, this is an older man who would always want to keep a balance of his income and so wouldn’t want to go out there eating at the restaurant. If you are very good in the kitchen, your older man will find you very attractive and would want to marry you for life. Entice him with those nice delicious meals and don’t forget to brand yourself as a ‘wife material

    5. Always listen to himRemember he is older than you are. He has been dating for a long time than you have and therefore has more experience than you. He is smart and knows important things about life. if he sees you doing some ill things that are not beneficial, he may call you to order and you have to listen to him. Be obedient to him and show him the respect that he deserves as an older man. Don’t get mad whenever he wants to correct you on the wrong thing you are doing. 

    6. Don’t rush in too quicklyHe may be rich and has big apartment, but remember, he still have much financial commitment as an older person. Don’t be too eager to pack in to his apartment. Wait until he tells you to do so. 

    7. Accept him just the way he isIf you love him and want to be with him; accept him the way he is. He may have some kids, be their friends, their companion and above all, be like a mother to them. He may have done some ill things in the past, but for the sake of your love for him, you need to accept him. Don’t blame him, don’t criticize him and don’t make him feel sad about his past experience. 
     8. Don’t be shy about his ageThere are sometimes he would have to take you out and your friends who sees him might mistake him to be your dad. Don’t get aggressive about that. Just point to them their mistakes and correct them. If you get angry, it only shows to your older guy that you are not secured about your age difference and that signals that you are shy about the age difference. You’ve got to be bold about that fact that you are dating him.

    Dating an older man can be interesting, if you can play your part very well. And with these tips, you can have a successful relationship with older men Let me know what you think about this and don’t forget that sharing is caring.
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