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Instructions on How To Write For Us.

  • The Article you will be sending to us must be properly written by you. we hate copy work. so make sure that your work is plagiarism-free.

  • The Article should not be less than 500 words and not more than 1500 words depending on the kind of article you are writing.

  • Your article must be original and must have not be pasted or published on any other website or prints.

  • Your use of tone must be friendly.

  • Cross-check your work for some grammatical errors and get them corrected before sending it to us.

  • Submit your article in word or pdf format via this email

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do i get paid for writing for The Harry Scope Blog?
  • for the mean time, NO. but we do assure our writers that they will enjoy some services that we will in future be rendering unto them.

Q2. Can anyone write for you?

  • Yes, anyone can. so long you have made up your mind to do so.

Q3. What should the content of my article be all about?

  • As you can see, we base more on Relationships, Dating, Marriage, Love, Inspiration and Motivation. So writing something related to that would be great.

Q4. At what duration will my article be published on your blog?

  • Sooner than you think. when it has been approved

Q5. Will my article be edited?

  • We do take our time to go through every article sent to us. if we find anything like grammatical errors or miss ups, we can edit it before publishing it.

Q6. My question is not highlighted here

  • If none of your question is listed here, you can reach us on this email address or use the contact form here

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